Unusual Things To Do In West Virginia

When in vacation, and decide to visit West Virginia, there are a lot of activities that you can do. These activities are quite scary and at the same time exciting. West Virginia makes sure that you have unique experiences. In one term, these experiences can be termed as unusual. What are some of the unusual things to do in West Virginia USA?

Unique West Virginia experiences

  • Walk across a 900-foot canyon

If you are a thriller seeker, the best place to be is in West Virginia. Here you can do bridge-walking across the 900-foot canyon found there. You can see its view from a catwalk that is underneath it. It is a single span steel -arch new river gorge bridge. Be sure to enjoy crossing the canyon.

  • Climb the Via Ferrata

If you are scared of heights, you definitely cannot climb the Via Ferrata. It needs someone who is not afraid of heights. The Via Ferrata offers about 1 mile of fixed anchor guided climbing that has more than 1000 feet of elevation and 285 feet of exposure. It is a 220-foot-long bridge which is 150 feet high. For those who are not scared of heights, it is much fun.

  • Rock climbing

In West Virginia, you can do rock climbing at the Seneca Rocks. It offers a vast wilderness of climbing experiences. It offers the best adventure. Here, you are able to test where your strength reaches and what you are capable of doing. You will also get to test how much your body can endure while climbing to the top of the rocks. It should be quite a thrilling experience for you.

  • Ghost Haunting

On your vacation in West Virginia, you can tour the West Virginia State Penitentiary at night. This place is believed to be haunted. It is a creepy place to be. You can go for ghost haunting here if you are not scared.

  • Sleep on the top of a fire tower mountain

When sleeping in the Thorny Mountain Fire Tower which is 53-foot-tall, you can get a chance to view the beautiful Pocahontas County and the Green River Valley. You can go up to its 3445-foot-high peak.

What do you think about the above activities that you can do in West Virginia? Well, they are both scary and thrilling and require a lot of courage. They are some of the unusual things or activities you can engage yourself in while in vacation in West Virginia. Explore these activities and you will have the best, exciting and unforgettable experiences.