Unusual places for tourists in Virginia 

Do you dare? 

My first suggestion would be the CIA museum. I completely understand that the words CIA and museum sound weird when put together, but it actually works. At the moment there are more than three thousand pieces of intelligence there, so you can already guess that it is surprising and interesting. Not your regular museum. 

Uniforms, weapons, prototypes of pigeons who would carry messages – that is just the beginning of what you can find there. If you want, you can even see a German encryption engine from the 20th century. It is like your own history movie, but with more guns and secret documents. This is one of those museums that you have to visit to understand the hype about it. Just do not try to take anything from the CIA as a souvenir.  

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Try your luck 

I understand that this might sound surpising, but I definitely recommend going to a casino in Virginia. I usually spend at least a few hours in casinos when I am travelling, and that is for a few reasons. First of all, you get to meet local people. You should really try something like that, as there is nothing better than talking to people who are from the country that you are travelling to.  

Virginia actually has some nice places for casino lovers, so you can definitely find something suitable for you. If you do not think that you know enough about casino games to play in real life, then click this link and practice online. I have met some of my new best friends in casinos all around the world.  

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For the fans of literature 

Did you know that you can see the house where Edgar Allan Poe lived? His old dorm, which is also known as the Raven Room, is available for everyone. There is also a museum for him and his work which is also in Virginia. The amount of visitors is just amazing, as he really deserves the recognition which he is getting now.  

It is a rather known fact that Poe was not very liked back then, as his style of writing was very unusual. Chances are that now you at least learned something about his poetry in school, so maybe it would be a good idea to add this to your list of destinations? The room is quite spooky, so be prepared for anything. However, I am sure that you will like it. 

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