Most Beautiful Beaches In Virginia

Virginia is known to be the best place one can spend his or her time during summer. It is known for a lot of things and this includes its beautiful beaches. Virginia also has an array of other comforts such as clubs, restaurants and walk ways along the ocean front that connects to them. There are some of the most beautiful beaches in Virginia where you can go while on vacation.

What are the most beautiful beaches in Virginia?

First Landing State Park, Virginia Beach

It is located on a site where the first colonialists landed in 1607.It offers 1.5 miles of sandy beaches that people enjoy all along. It comprises of 20 miles ground where you can walk and hike. It also has fresh-water cypress swamps. It is often said that Blackbeard legend together with his band of pirates hid in the narrows of First Landing State Park Virginia Beach.

Assateauge Island National Seashore, Eastern Shore

This beach has a wide variety of wild ponies and is famous for them. It is a white sand beach which offers perfect ground for camping, walks, relaxing and watching ocean waves without forgetting bird-watching.

Virginia Beach Resort Area, Virginia Beach

This one is the most popular of all the Virginia beaches. It is popular because it has lifeguards who watch it in case of any problem; it is free and is surrounded by many shops and hotels. It consists of attraction sites such as the Virginia Aquarium and ocean breeze water park.

Ocean View Beach, Norfolk

It is located 15 miles from the main Virginia Beach. This beach is suitable for family because it is quite compared to the Virginia Beach. It offers services such as free parking. It is a 6.5-acre Ocean Beach Park.

Buckroe Beach, Hampton

It is one of the oldest beaches in Virginia USA.It was put aside for public use by the colonialists in 1619 and later in 1883, a public bathhouse was opened. A hotel, dancing pavilion and an amusement park were later built. Due to this, it offers a lot of amusement and fun to the visitors and tourists. It is the best beach you can ever spend your time in.


If you have been to Virginia, you obviously know that there are very many beautiful beaches. However, the list above provides the best of them. They are the Ocean View Beach, VirginiaBeach Resort Area, First Landing State Park Beach and the others. Spending time in and along the beaches is most people’s thoughts when they are on vacation. Visit Virginia USA and have the best time of your life on these beautiful beaches.